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Mayer Group Envelope Production

Mayer Group uses automated route determination for cross-plant productions

The Mayer Group is one of the leading European companies in the manufacture and sale of shipping and packaging solutions. The product range comprises over 600 different envelopes, pockets and light packaging. Alongside its core business…
packaging manufacturers during coronavirus crisis

The Role of Packaging Manufacturers during the Coronavirus Crisis

Packaging has a protective, storage and transport function. Packaging protects against environmental influences (e.g. light, humidity), contamination and damage. Packaging thus guarantees the high quality, safety and variety of food, medicines…

Measures Currently Being Taken by Aicomp Due to the Outbreak of COVID-19

Announcement from AICOMP Group AG and companies of the Aicomp Group regarding the Coronavirus Sars-CoV-2 and business continuity Published by the management The purpose of this statement is to inform our customers about the measures…
VCPowerPack Go-Live at Rondo Plant

Third Go-Live with Aicomp Solutions at Rondo Plant

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On November 04, 2019 Rondo succeeded in the next go-live with Aicomp’s industry solution “IS Packaging” in their corrugated board plant in St. Ruprecht in Austria.Rondo Ganahl, a traditional Austrian packaging manufacturer,…
Mayer-Kuvert-network SAP Quality Award 2019

Aicomp Customer Mayer-Kuvert-network Ready for the Future

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Mayer-Kuvert-network successfully completes the SAP S/4HANA Conversion and receives the "SAP Quality Award".Aicomp supported its customer Mayer-Kuvert-network GmbH in the project to convert the system landscape from SAP ERP ECC 6.0…
30th go-live of VCPowerPack at Menasha

30th VCPowerPack Go-Live at Menasha Packaging

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Menasha Packaging Ends 2019 with its Thirtieth VCPowerPack Plant Live in the United States.Longtime Aicomp customer Menasha Packaging is the industry’s largest independent, retail-focused corrugated packaging and merchandising…
Saica successful 12th go-live

12th Successful Go-Live at Saica

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On November 18, 2019 Saica manages the next cross-border go-live with Aicomp’s add-on “VCPowerPack” for SAP® ERP, just 4 weeks after the previous successful go-live.Saica Group, one of the largest European packaging manufacturers,…
Aicomp arbeitet mit Hochschule Reutlingen zusammen

Young Talents in the Starting Blocks

Aicomp Actively Cooperates with Reutlingen UniversityA short time overview:Since 2012: Supervision of the semester projects in the Bachelor’s and Master’s studies at the Faculty of Informatics. Since 2013:…
Kollaboratives Verkaufen in CPQ-Prozessen

Modern CPQ Processes need Collaborative Selling

 Sales rarely do everything alone. While one person usually functions as the sole face of the client, intense collaboration often takes place behind the scenes. For example, in the areas of pricing, lead marketing, pre-sales consultants…
VCPowerPack-Innovation-Product Configuration_SAP Conference

How to Drive Growth with Aicomp’s Newest Configure Price Quote (CPQ) Solutions

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During the International SAP Conference for Forest Products, Paper, and Packaging, Aicomp will offer the opportunity to learn about the latest innovations within the industry to boost manufacturing excellence and efficiency. Aicomp is a Platinum…