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Streamline your Product Configuration & Calculation in SAP

What is done by multiple employees today can be handled by one VCPowerPack operator with less risk.

VCPowerPack – The Configuration Engine, That Enables Mass Personalization in Production


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With VCPowerPack, our main focus is the transformation from mass production to mass personalization for the manufacturing industry, where each individual consumer can get what he or she wants. We’re enabling our customers’ brands to personalize their products at every stage of the purchase decision process, which is proven to build greater trust with their customers.

VCPowerPack enables MCP (mass customization production), one basic concept of Industry 4.0. Our newest version combines two major approaches of digital transformation: CPQ and CtC.

CPQ – Configure, Price, Quote

Manufacturers face complexity in quoting intricate products. VCPowerPack streamlines by offering plan vs. actual analysis, linking to inventory control, and creating comprehensive master data. Our user-friendly interface supports customers in detailing complex products for thorough calculation and manufacturing.

CtC – Configure the Configurator

To allow the maximum of customization and personalization, the configurator itself must be configurable. With VCPowerPack we offer manufacturing companies an open architecture that can hold all of their models and mass customization processes, with one user friendly frontend and a dynamic adaptable backend.

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