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ERP Software for Flexible Packaging

Flexibles Packaging ERP Software for Film and Bags

Preconfigured ERP Solution for Flexible Packaging Manufacturers

Revolutionizing flexible packaging, our preconfigured ERP software ensures a streamlined workflow with seamless integrations, process automation, and customized features. Tailored for film production and diverse flexible packaging types, it accelerates data input, configuring 80% of products rapidly. Graphic overviews detail film compounds, while automatic detection simplifies workload, making it a vital solution for the industry’s unique demands.

Aicomp Industry Suite for Film & Flexible Packaging

Tailored for the plastics extrusion industry, our Flexible Packaging Software addresses the challenges of innovation, individual customer requirements, and cost efficiency. Featuring predefined industry-specific master data, business processes, and templates for estimating flexible packaging, it ensures a quick project start.

Our preconfigured solution accommodates a high number of bag types, including bottom fold, stand-up, and pouch designs. Offering a transparent overview of production steps such as extrusion, lamination, calendaring, print, and refining, it provides clarity on complex compounds.

The software serves as a sophisticated industry-specific base, ready for further optimization and automation through individual customization.

High Number of Preconfigured Bag Types

Choose from a versatile array of bag types, including bottom fold, stand-up, and pouch designs, all easily configurable. Common options are pre-defined, ensuring convenience and quick utilization for your packaging needs.

Recipe Management & Compound Overview

Efficiently manage recipes from raw materials to film, including version control to block specific versions. Calculate multi-layer compounds during extrusion and gain a transparent overview of all production steps for a clear understanding of complex compounds.

Optimized Shipping and Unitization

Optimize shipping and unitization with advanced packing processes. Calculate pieces per layer, stacking arrangements, and pallets per truck for efficient logistics. The palletization optimization automates optimal pallet sizing, considering product dimensions and weight restrictions.