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ERP Software for Board & Paper Production

Corrugated Packaging ERP Software

Preconfigured ERP Solution for the Board & Paper Industry

Optimize board and paper production with our tailored ERP software. Seamlessly managing processes like pulp & paper production, pallet deliveries, and energy usage, our solution ensures quick data input, efficient formula management, and automatic pallet size determination, streamlining operations for enhanced productivity and user appeal.

Board and Paper Software
Board and Paper ERP

Aicomp Industry Suite for Board & Paper

The board and paper industry is faced with the challenges of sustainability, rising prices and the availability of raw materials. To meet these challenges, the ERP system for Board & Paper provides a holistic view of an organization’s operations, from raw materials to finished products. This enables board and paper manufacturers to optimize their processes and make better use of their resources, while managing the complexities of the paper production process.

The Aicomp Industry Suite for Board & Paper helps businesses to manage their operations more effectively by integrating all of their data into a single platform. This allows businesses to track their inventory, customers, and orders more efficiently and make better-informed decisions about production and pricing. This can help to streamline operations, improve customer service, and ultimately reduce costs.

With the Aicomp Industry Suite for Board & Paper, the paper industry can overcome its challenges and continue to thrive in the digital age.

Predefined Processes for Paper Production

Our solution offers a transparent overview covering various steps: chipping, pulping, cleaning, re-pulping, pressing-drying-rolling, coating, calendaring, sheet cutting, ream packing and palletizing. Tailored support is offered for pulp production types like TMP, CTMP, BCTMP, and recycled fiber pulp.

Recipe Management & Utility Costs

Efficiently manage paper production with recipe management, ensuring control over key components such as wood, recycled fiber, pulp, chalk, water, and additives. Monitor utility costs with detailed tracking of steam, fossil fuel, and electricity consumption, including energy recovery for optimized resource management.

Optimized Shipping and Unitization

Customize packaging instructions and streamline pallet order management for sheet cutters by determining pallet sizes from product configurations, optimizing packing processes. Efficiently plan pieces per layer, stack, and pallets per truck for seamless logistics.