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ERP Software for Corrugated Packaging & Displays

Corrugated Packaging ERP Software

Preconfigured ERP Solution for Corrugated Packaging & Display Manufacturers

Tailored for corrugated packaging and displays, our ERP software offers a streamlined end-to-end solution with seamless integration, process automation, and customized features. It handles diverse needs, including multiple order types, pallet-specific deliveries, and tool management. Instantly configure products and unite multi-piece packages effortlessly. Relevant data seamlessly transfers for production planning, simplifying complex requests through automated routing. Elevate efficiency in corrugated packaging with our comprehensive ERP solution.

Corrugated Packaging Software
Corrugated Packaging ERP

Aicomp Industry Suite for Corrugated Cardboard

Supports all needed processes for the packaging industry in an ERP software environment – from quoting, planning, to production, up to controlling and invoicing. In addition to countless predefined industry standards, the system can be modified for individual prerequisites.

It is focused on corrugators, cardboard producers and converters. Its configuration engine allows it to manage processes related to manufacturing corrugated packaging, cartons in solid boards (flat cardboard) or POS complex sets.

Our Corrugated Packaging Software is very helpful for automatic or semi-automatic corrugated plants engaged in manufacturing of different types of corrugated boxes and components based on FEFCO norms or more complex individual designs.

Preconfigured FEFCO Packaging

Instantly configure diverse products, from sheets to sales displays, with our preconfigured FEFCO products. Seamlessly unite multi-piece packages, calculating areas based on FEFCO style or custom design, and ensure precision in sheet dimensions for comprehensive product mapping.

Detailed Board Grade Management

Efficiently manage board grades with detailed BCT values in our industry ERP solution. Experience BOM explosion for accurate calculation and procurement, ensuring precision in material sourcing, comprehensive cost evaluation, and streamlined production optimization.

Optimized Shipping and Unitization

Enhance shipping and unitization with optimized packing processes. Determine pieces per layer and stack, as well as pallets per truck for efficient logistics. Address cover box configuration and streamline its production within our comprehensive industry ERP solution.


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