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ERP Software for Folding Carton & Displays

Folding Carton ERP Software

Preconfigured ERP Solution for Folding Carton & Display Manufacturers

The Aicomp Industry Suite for Folding Carton is a cutting-edge ERP system tailored for manufacturers. Efficiently managing the entire folding carton production process, it emphasizes predefined industry-specific standards, including ECMA standards, and accommodates free designs for optimal customization.

Folding Carton Packaging Software
Folding Carton Packaging ERP

Aicomp Industry Suite for Folding Carton

Our ERP software for folding carton and display manufacturers prioritizes adherence to ECMA standards and allows free designs, providing a comprehensive solution.

Pre-integrated and standardized, it streamlines operations, covering various order types, pallet deliveries, tender quotations, and more. Instantly configure products, from simple sheets to complex sales displays, while seamlessly unifying multi-piece packages.

The software excels in simplifying calculations for customer orders and automating routing optimization based on selected characteristics. Emphasizing support for all conversion steps, such as sheeting, printing, embossing, die-cutting, coating, folding and gluing, it ensures a robust solution for the industry’s diverse needs.

Preconfigured ECMA Packaging

Effortlessly customize a range of products, from sheets to complex sales displays, using preconfigured ECMA products. Seamlessly assemble multi-piece packages, calculate areas based on ECMA style or custom design, and ensure precision in sheet dimensions for thorough product mapping.

Relevant Conversion Steps Predefined

Addressing every conversion step, our solution includes support for sheeting, printing, embossing, die-cutting, coating, folding, and gluing. It offers versatile features such as label production, printing variants, different layouts for the same article, and precise calculations for embossing, lacquer, and coating.

Optimized Shipping and Unitization

Optimize packing processes to improve shipping and unitization. Efficiently determine the number of pieces per layer and stack, along with pallets per truck for streamlined logistics. Our comprehensive industry ERP solution addresses cover box configuration, enhancing its production efficiency.


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