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Internship Opportunity @ Aicomp USA

The world is changing – are you ready to make your mark?

If you’re into tech, if you’re into impactful work, if you’re ready to experience international business, and have a blast while doing it, welcome to Aicomp. 

Technology Basis

Our history connects a strong partnership with SAP. Therefore, our solutions are based on SAP software (S/4HANA, Cloud).

Industry Focus

The Aicomp Group is the leader in ERP solutions for the packaging industry, providing innovative and sustainable solutions to customers worldwide.


Product configuration is our core. But we don’t stop there. We extend this to end-to-end solutions for our customers.

Learn, Grow, and Impact the World Around You

Our business touches people’s lives every day. Most people don’t know it, but our work can be found in the online order that you just received. Its impact can be felt in keeping medication sealed and secure. Aicomp provides services to improve other businesses’ climate footprint and safeguard the environment, in the effort to provide sustainable, renewable products around the globe.

We sell software and provide consulting services – but that doesn’t mean you need to be an engineer to jumpstart your career. Throughout its history, Aicomp has sought and found individuals who use their unique talent, intelligence, and creativity to work in a field that has a direct positive impact on the world around them.

We’re looking for interns who are ready to dive into our growing, fast-paced industry: consulting, software development, A.I., marketing, and more. These are the areas we will teach you, mentor you in, and set you on the path to a successful post-college career.

We’re excited to offer you both the opportunity for remote work, but also to travel to our offices in Fort Lauderdale and Memphis. You’ll interact with and learn from an international team. But it isn’t just work: we have perks.

We offer interns all the benefits given to full-time employees: 

MacBook & iPhone

Flexible Schedule

Community Engagement

Join Us!

Join us as an intern at Aicomp and shape the future of technology with hands-on experience and boundless opportunities!

The internship can convert into a full-time position. If Aicomp has your interest, please fill out this information and submit your resume and/or cover letter.