New Management of Aicomp Germany and Austria

New Management of Aicomp Germany and Austria


Aicomp is changing its existing management in Germany and Austria as part of its new board structure. As a result, the former regional general managers Jörg Helmreich (Germany) and Francesco Reitano (Austria) are being promoted to executive management.

In the face of new challenges in staff recruitment and expansion, the shareholders of the Aicomp Group have thus taken a further step to move the company forward in its transformation and accelerate growth.


“We think it’s time to give our leadership team the opportunity to take on greater responsibility”, said Jens Hennecke, co-founder and former managing director of Aicomp’s companies in the EMEA region.

“Our current organization has served us well over the past 3 years,” says Ralf Stenker, co-founder and board member of Aicomp. “However, we believe that the time has come for us to change two key things: the redefinition of a group-wide board of directors and the transfer of local management into the capable hands of long-time employees and partners Jörg Helmreich and Francesco Reitano,” he adds.


Jens Hennecke, former sole Managing Director of Aicomp in the EMEA region, will remain in this position for Germany. His field of activity will focus on sales and marketing in the EMEA region. Jörg Helmreich will take over the operational business for Germany as CEO and will concentrate on administrative issues such as accounting and staff training and development.


At the Vienna location, Francesco Reitano will take over as sole CEO for Austria and Jens Hennecke will continue to be responsible for Sales & Marketing with sole power of attorney in the future, focusing on new business.

The goal of this change is focused on the continuous growth of the entire group.

“The area of personnel and personnel growth has become increasingly important over the years and is now more important than ever as one of the key success factors. I see the new position as an important cornerstone to keep this in focus and thus support sustainable growth,” says Jörg Helmreich, new CEO of Aicomp in Germany. Francesco Reitano, new CEO of Aicomp in Vienna, adds: “In my role as manager, specialist, project manager, but also as a leader, I worked permanently to support and develop our employees. With my broad spectrum of experience, I am also looking forward to coaching and advancing especially the younger colleagues.”


New Management of Aicomp Germany and Austria


Jörg Helmreich

Jörg Helmreich, who has been with Aicomp since 2001, has been a key driver in shaping internal processes and structures since first becoming IT Manager in 2005. Having assisted in establishing Aicomp Suisse, he later took on the role of Head of Development, responsible for coordinating SAP ERP activities. He supported additional growth of the Aicomp Group as Consulting Manager EMEA for another 3 years. Since January 2013, he has been working as a partner and has been operationally managing the location in Germany as an authorized signatory since 2017.


New Management of Aicomp Germany and Austria


Francesco Reitano

Francesco Reitano, with the Aicomp Group since 2011, initially started at Aicomp Suisse as Product Manager. In 2012, he was instrumental in setting up the Vienna location and continuously expanded the customer base in his subsequent role as Key Account Manager. Since 2017, he has been managing the Vienna location as an authorized signatory.