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Aicomp Summit 2024 – Event for the digitalization of the packaging industry

Discover the latest IT innovations reshaping the packaging industry at Aicomp’s hybrid event. Explore the developments below.

New IT-innovations in the packaging industry at Aicomp’s hybrid event

At the 2024 Aicomp Summit, the latest technical developments and insights in the field of software for the packaging industry will be presented in lectures and technical workshops. This information is relevant for both packaging manufacturers and digitalization partners.

While the Aicomp Summit 2021 and 2022 could only be conducted virtually due to the pandemic, the 2024 event will take place for the first time as a hybrid event, at the nhow Hotel Berlin. On February 14-15, 2024, interested parties will learn more about topics of digitalization in the packaging industry.

Shaping the future of the packaging industry: exchange on innovation and optimization at the Aicomp Summit

In 2021, the internationally renowned IT company Aicomp launched the first Aicomp Summit Event. This event offers various stakeholders in the IT and packaging industry, with a focus on the packaging sector, to participate in an event that focuses on the joint exchange of new technologies and ways to increase the efficiency of industrial processes. In this way, Aicomp pursues the goal of sustainably shaping the future of the packaging industry through innovation and optimization.

The events will focus on the Aicomp’s latest developments, which are meant to meet the challenges of advancing digitalization and the expectations of customers. The key focus will be on topics in product configuration and how this enables optimization in all areas of a business operation. In addition, completely new technological approaches, such as machine learning and cloud-based SaaS solutions for data management and enterprise control, will be explained and discussed in detail.

Focus on partnerships: Aicomp expands its network with industry leaders

Aicomp is focused on continuously expanding its partner network and therefore brings together numerous partner companies to present relevant solution approaches at the Summit. Among the partners represented are well-known companies such as Esko, T. CON, SAP, OMP, and Ortec.

These partners will present their latest technologies and solution approaches to meet the specific needs of the packaging industry. Esko will offer insights into the latest developments of their CAD suite. T.CON and OMP will focus on optimizing production planning, while Ortec will present important innovations in their solution for efficient transport planning. SAP, as the largest European software group, will focus on the innovations in their diverse product portfolio.

In this way, Aicomp and its partners are helping to develop and improve the packaging industry through collaboration and the exchange of technologies and solution approaches.

Insights into the digitalization strategies of well-known packaging manufacturers

Some of the largest and most established packaging companies are also supporting the Summit with their valuable insights. Participants include renowned Aicomp customers such as Mondi, Saica, RKW, the MM Group, and the Mayer Group, who will share their extensive experience in digitalization with the attendees. These companies will present their digitalization strategies and development approaches in a vivid way and provide exciting insight into their processes for tackling the day-to-day challenges of their industry.

In interestingly designed presentations and discussion sessions, they will explain their best practices for meeting the requirements of digitalization and implementing technical optimizations in their operations.

Global knowledge exchange: Aicomp Summit – Live event in Berlin and via streaming

The Summit is an English-moderated event that is open to all interested parties after prior registration. In addition, the event will be available via livestream for those who cannot attend on- site in. All that is required is user access to the Aicomp Summit website ( In addition, the individual presentations will also be made available on the website and can be accessed after logging in.

Networking: where packaging experts meet technology professionals and ideas flow

The Aicomp Summit provides a diverse setting that brings together stakeholders from the packaging industry and creates opportunities for networking. Here, technology experts with extensive industry knowledge and years of experience meet seasoned packaging industry professionals. This unique coming together makes the Summit an outstanding knowledge and exchange platform where innovative ideas and best practices merge.

Company profile Aicomp

The Aicomp Group is the expert in ERP solutions for the packaging industry, specializing in complex SAP variant configuration and SAP cloud solutions. With offices in Germany, the United Kingdom, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, and North America, the group of over 80 professionals brings over 20 years of project experience to packaging manufacturers. Aicomp delivers expert-level consulting and development services that enhance enterprise software systems and streamline business processes, enabling manufacturers to respond quickly to their customers’ needs. Aicomp continuously develops new innovations for its software solutions with the goal of long-term customer satisfaction.

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