Aicomp and Menasha Packaging are pleased to announce the Go-Live of two more production plants powered by VCPowerPack. The VCPowerPack Suite of tools boosts Menasha’s estimation system, streamlines logistical processes and increases their cutover timeframe. Aicomp celebrates with Menasha Packaging for a successful Go-Live of their Philadelphia and Yukon plants in Pennsylvania, U.S. and looks forward to continuing their mutually beneficial partnership.

About Menasha Packaging

Aicomp and Menasha announce the Go-Live of two more production plants

Menasha Packaging is the nation’s largest independent, retail-focused corrugated packaging and merchandising provider specializing in graphic packaging and displays, preprinted linerboard, and assembly, pack-out and distribution services.


About VCPowerPack

CPQ for Simple, Complex and Multi-Variant Products

Aicomp’s VCPowerPack is the Configuration Solution inside the SAP System. It optimizes the CPQ (Configure Price Quote) process in a significant way: through a detailed calculation of products in real-time, a quicker quotation process and a multi-channel integration. As a result, complex products can be offered as swiftly as standard products. Thus, boosting productivity and resulting in shorter process time for quotations, master data generation and sales order processing.

  • Detailed Product Configuration in Real-Time
    From requirement capture, configuration and price calculation the configuration process is accompanied by a high-performance cockpit.
  • Accelerating the Quotation Process for Faster Sales Order Creation
    VCPowerPack provides the essential sales staff with outstanding user experiences within the application and manages the entire quotation to produce process to accelerate business processes.
  • Automatic Master Data Generation
    Discrete manufacturers also benefit from the creation of all relevant system master data – automatically and without any user interaction.
  • Multi-Channel Integration: Anytime – Anywhere
    Whether from the office, with a customer on a tablet or on the move – the VCPowerPack configurator can be used anytime and anywhere. Mobile integration enables multi-channel sales for a quicker generation of sales documents and master data.