packaging manufacturers during coronavirus crisis

Packaging has a protective, storage and transport function. Packaging protects against environmental influences (e.g. light, humidity), contamination and damage. Packaging thus guarantees the high quality, safety and variety of food, medicines and hygiene products.

Packaging is therefore indispensable for supplying and providing for people.


“Our factories and processing plants are operated by highly qualified employees who are considered “essential workers”. Disruptions in the availability of our products would create significant difficulties for consumers across the country and around the world. If our customers cannot obtain our products, healthcare facilities, first responders, grocery stores and homes across the country and around the world will not have access to essential items.”

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In some countries, such as France and the USA, the production of packaging has already been classified as a “proprietary industry”. Due to the coronavirus crisis, numerous associations and companies in the packaging industry worldwide are demanding that the production of packaging be officially recognized as “systemically relevant”. This would mean that companies would be taken into account regarding future decisions on restrictions to the freedom of movement of employees, quarantine orders or plant closures. Supply chains must also be protected so that packaging and raw materials used for transport, sales and preliminary products can be transported and delivered without restrictions, particularly in the case of cross-border goods traffic.

Packaging manufacturers offer reassurance

Restrictions of movement have and continue to lead to a substantial increase in consumer stockpiling. Retailers, wholesale providers and grocery stores that remain open are seeing their inventory depleted at a high rate. As a result, people are more likely to buy packaged products online and consumers are making greater use of delivery services and buying in larger quantities less frequently, in part due to quantity restrictions placed on the sale of certain items.

Nevertheless, packaging manufacturers are reassuring the public, customers and partners.


“The RKW Group remains fully operational during the crisis. Thanks to stable systems and a comprehensive IT infrastructure we are available to our partners and customers as usual.”



Most plants of all manufacturers work at a high speed to ensure the delivery of packaging for the most important sectors. Almost all plants are fully operational, and the transport of raw materials has not become a major problem.


“Since our products are considered indispensable, our facilities are currently operating at maximum capacity. We work closely with our customers to ensure that their needs and those of their customers are met as quickly as possible.”


Manufacturers are aware of their responsibility

Packaging manufacturers consistently state that they will help to make the production, distribution, development or manufacturing of materials, products or strategic services a top priority.


“The products and services that Saica provides are essential to ensure the continuity of the supply chain of food manufacturers and other raw materials. For this reason, in these moments of health emergency by Covid-19 at Saica, we are assuming our social responsibility and are taking all measures in our power to protect the health of our workers and help ensure that food and raw materials continue to reach all people in every country where we operate.”



Company procedures regarding all necessary security measures are also very uniform throughout the industry. The primary concern is to protect employees in the best possible way, as well as protect and maintain production. There are various instructions to prevent the spread of the virus. For example, there are instructions not to close doors so that the virus does not spread via handles. There are also bans on entering the production area when this is not necessary. Conferences are moved to the telephone or going digital, meetings are postponed and travel is prohibited.


“As the global outbreak of COVID-19 continues to spread, we wanted to communicate, … that the safety and health of our employees and their families is a priority. We are also aware of the importance of business continuity and of serving our customers with products that are necessary to sustain the public and the communities in which we operate.”



Some companies draw attention to the pandemic on their websites, others inform customers via letters or their social media channels.

Menasha, for example, has published a short explanation video on prevention.


Aicomp says thanks

“We are proud to have customers who, through their work, are coming to the aid of governments, medical providers, businesses and individuals. In short, our customers and partners are playing a major role in helping global society overcome the multiple challenges posed by COVID-19.”

Jeroen Koopman, CEO Americas, Aicomp Group


We, the entire Aicomp Group, would like to thank our customers and especially their employees for their work in this unique and challenging situation. We understand that there are new personal and professional challenges arising daily and hope that they can be successfully overcome.