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VCPowerPack Running at SAICA

Aicomp announced that SAICA Group recently implemented its industry solution “Packaging” as part of its ”VCPowerPack” for SAP® ERP in two Spanish plants.

Aicomp’s add-on “VCPowerPack” for SAP® ERP successfully running at SAICA

Aicomp announced today that SAICA Group, one of the largest European packaging manufacturers, recently implemented its industry solution “Packaging,” in two Spanish plants.
Aicomp, an SAP partner, developed “Packaging” as part of its ”VCPowerPack” for SAP® ERP. The implementation will help SAICA optimize processes and keep prices competitive.

As a long-term Aicomp customer, SAICA systematically continues the introduction of SAP software to replace its old systems. With this industry solution complementary to SAP ERP, SAICA aims to improve the efficiency of its business processes and remain one of the largest packaging manufacturers in the European market.

VCPowerPack extends functionalities of the SAP ERP application to configure different products in real time. Further, it allows the configuration of those products depending on the customer’s requirements by using a new customizing functionality. The software supports several modules within the same customizing functionality based on a standardized framework solution. Thus VCPowerPack can be implemented for a broad range of purposes.


With this Aicomp solution, SAICA receives a wide variety of functions. This includes the detailed “VCPowerPack” product configuration for all packaging types needed within the SAICA production program and market offerings. This configuration encompasses production operation settings for technical restrictions checks, setup and runtime calculation, several master data tables for raw materials and production resource tools. In addition, the solution provides SAICA with tightly integrated standard components of SAP ERP. The detailed and precise costing, as well as price determination, are also part of the tool. Automated master-data creation in the background, interface integrations with production planning tools, web applications and CAD drawing systems support the overall process design.

Through the implementation of VCPowerPack-Packaging, the level of automation is increased and optimizes the production processes. In addition, the data redundancy avoidance leads to exact calculations and pricing. This allows SAICA to establish fair market prices and to consider the costs for each sales item.


SAICA is the leading company in Europe in the development and production of recycled paper for corrugated cardboard, with a production of 2.5 million tons of paper. With more than 8,000 employees across Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, UK, Ireland, Turkey and Luxembourg, Saica Group has four business areas: recycled paper production for corrugated cardboard (PAPER), recyclable materials recovery (NATUR), production of corrugated packaging (PACK) and flexible packaging (Flex). The consolidated turnover of the multinational is nearly 2,378 million Euros (consolidated sales, 31.12.15).

About Aicomp

Founded in 2000, Aicomp is a leading provider of configuration solutions within SAP software. Aicomp is helping its customers, which range from medium-sized regional firms to global enterprises, to configure and to implement their individual quotation processes. Aicomp’s software add-on “VCPowerPack” supports innovative and complex product configuration. Aicomp’s Cloud portfolio provides small- and midsize companies Software as a Service – for an attractive monthly flat rate.

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