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Aicomp’s add-on VCPowerPack successfully running at Mondi as Kernel Solution

Read more about Aicomp’s industry solution VCPowerPack “Flexibles” running successfully at Mondi, one of the largest global packaging and paper groups.

Aicomp’s industry solution VCPowerPack “Flexibles” is now successfully running at Mondi, one of the largest global packaging and paper groups.

The solution will help Mondi optimize processes and substantially increase customer experience. The implementation at Mondi’s Polish plant in Dopiewo is the fourth VCPowerPack Flexibles installation following the German plants Halle (Westfalen), Steinfeld and the Russian plant in Pereslavl.

Aicomp, an SAP partner, developed “Flexibles” as part of its VCPowerPack for SAP® ERP. The implementation allows a flexible production and helps generate a quicker return on investment for Mondi’s configuration processes. VCPowerPack Flexibles will be used as a kernel solution for all its plants.

Consumer Goods Packaging – Increasing Customer Experience with VCPowerPack Flexibles

With this industry solution Mondi aims to improve the efficiency of its business processes, such as

  • Shortening Lead Times
  • Improving Efficiency
  • Empowering Sale Force
  • Increasing Customer Experience

In addition to standardized configuration processes the easy usage of Variant Configuration with VCPowerPack will simplify complex products, execute complex checks while entering products, and configure complex products.

Easy Configuration for Complex Products with an Integrated Supply Chain

As a long-term Aicomp customer, Mondi systematically continues the introduction of the SAP add-on VCPowerPack Flexibles with an interface to an additional SCM software (OM Partners). Thus, allowing a flexible production due to customer needs and enhancing the overall process and output. After the fourth Go-live with the new kernel solution, Mondi is following its ongoing story to success and remains one of the largest packaging and paper products manufacturers in central Europe, Russia and South Africa.

Features of VCPowerPack Flexibles

With this Aicomp solution Mondi receives a wide variety of functions. This includes the detailed VCPowerPack configuration with an additional Flexibles specific graphical user interface showcasing a clear structured product specification.

Moreover, there is a new functionality established which allows a FAST data entry on the standard Sales Document item view to describe the product characteristics – this technical enhancement is reducing the complexity for the user to focus on the important data. A traffic light configuration status helps the user to fill out all data correctly. This FAST data entry is fully integrated in the entire configuration landscape.

In addition, Aicomp’s easy value extraction tool enables Mondi to transfer all relevant production data to a planning software.

About VCPowerPack

Aicomp’s VCPowerPack is the configuration solution inside the SAP System. It optimizes the CPQ (Configure Price Quote) process in a significant way: through a detailed calculation of products in real-time, a quicker quotation process, and a multi-channel integration. As a result, complex products can be offered as swiftly as standard products. VCPowerPack boosts productivity and results in a shorter process time for quotations, master data generation, and sales order processing.

About Mondi

Mondi is an international packaging and paper Group, employing around 25,000 people across more than 30 countries.


Its key operations are located in central Europe, Russia, North America and South Africa. Mondi is fully integrated across the packaging and paper value chain – from managing forests and producing pulp, paper and compound plastics, to developing effective and innovative industrial and consumer packaging solutions. With over 100 products customised into more than 100,000 solutions, Mondi offers a huge variety of goods. Leading brands around the world rely on Mondi’s innovative technologies and products across a variety of industries such as agriculture; automotive; building and construction; chemicals and dangerous goods; food and beverages; graphic and photographic; home and personal care; medical and pharmaceutical; office and professional printing; packaging and paper converting; pet care; retail and e-commerce; and shipping and transport.

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