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Customer Reference: Saica

Saica Uses Aicomp’s VCPowerPack as Accelerator for its Global SAP® ERP Roll Out

Alberto Chamoso - Saica

Aicomp: an expert and reliable partner in our SAP journey.

Saica Pack is one of the largest European packaging manufacturers. As a long-term Aicomp customer, Saica systematically continues the introduction of SAP software to replace its old systems, optimizing Saica IT processes. With a strong presence in over 10 countries, Saica provides a comprehensive range of packaging solutions to various industries, including corrugated cardboard, flexible packaging, and recycled paper.

Why Aicomp – Why VCPowerPack?

At Saica, we always want to be on the cutting edge of technology, offering our clients packaging solutions beyond their expectations. With Aicomp’s customized technology solution, we have solved in a very integrated and efficient way product configuration, commercial offers for customers and costing model. It enables us to shorten our leadtimes to answer new customer requests regarding new products and solutions.

Most Important Achievements

  • The company accelerated its global ERP roll out
  • Cross-border Go-lives can go smoothly in only 2 months on average
  • Enables IT harmonization and company growth
  • Opens the door for continuous business optimization and improved customer experience

Currently all roll-outs came in on time with no further and onsite support needed from Aicomp.

Customer Profile

Solution Overview

Aicomp Solution: VCPowerPack IS Packaging

Current Installations

  • 7 in Spain, with Cantabria as the first one
  • 4 in France
  • 3 in United Kingdom
  • 2 in Portugal
  • 1 in Ireland
  • 1 in USA