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International SAP Conference for Forest Products, Paper, and Packaging

This year Aicomp is supporting the International SAP Conference for Forest Products, Paper, and Packaging will take place in Prague, Czech Republic.

Join us at the International SAP Conference for Forest Products, Paper, and Packaging from 16 – 18 October in Prague, Czech Republic.

More growth and profitability through configure-price-quote (CPQ) solutions

From 16 to 18 October of this year the International SAP Conference for Forest Products, Paper, and Packaging will take place in Prague, Czech Republic. Aicomp is once again supporting this event as platinum sponsor and will present the latest ideas and solutions for your industry.

We would like to invite you to stop by our booth and learn first-hand about our market-leading packaging configuration platform VCPowerPack, our SAP Cloud Integration, as well as our Global Industry Support and Solutions. Just imagine that you could use standard, out-of-the-box business software for your industry specific processes, without bending and modifying it so standard maintenance becomes impossible. That is the main idea behind our software and development.

CPQ solutions for complex production processes with many variants

Modern CPQ software digitalizes the sales department and simultaneously closes the gap between customer and production in the digital communication. As part of the exhibition we will present our new CRM-embedded VCPowerPack product configuration as well as the Costing/Pricing functionality. This allows you to perform a detailed product configuration from SAP’s powerful CRM solution SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer (C4C). Users can create offers directly in the CRM system, that has access to all relevant business data like machine running time, material consumption, and all fields relevant to costing from the SAP ERP data basis.

The idea behind our solution

Can you imagine using a pre-configured software for your industry specific business processes, without modifying the existing standards in such a manner that a proper system maintenance becomes impossible? This was the initial idea behind our software solution: VCPowerPack uses the stable SAP system and optimizes it after your individual and industry-specific needs without modifying it. Additionally, VCPowerPack extends the existing SAP functions to your subsidiaries, warehouses and sales support without upgrading to a complete SAP-ERP or S/4 installation.

Join us for the Aicomp Pre-Show on October 15, 2018

For over 18 years Aicomp has been helping companies like yours improve their ROI to remain competitive. On the occasion of the event, we would like to provide you with an outlook for optimized processes and business processes at your company to use resources as efficiently as possible. We would be honored if you could join us for a pre-show the night before, on October 15, 7pm at the Clarion Congress Hotel Prague.

Aicomp pre-show venue

Clarion Congress Hotel Prague, which is situated in the modern part of Prague – Vysočany, just 15 minutes from the historical centre of Prague.


Freyova 33,
190 00 Prague,
Czech Republic

We are looking forward to your attendance.

Additional Information to the “International SAP Conference for Forest Products, Paper, and Packaging” in Prague

You can find additional information as well as the possibility to register on the official website

Do You already Know Our VCPowerPack Industry-Specific Solutions?

Our VCPowerPack industry-specific solutions are powerful ERP solutions, that combine pre-configured and tailored functions to fulfill your special requirements of product configuration and order collection.

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