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Successful Webshop Relaunch Based on SAP Commerce Cloud at the Mayer Group

With the relaunch of the webshop based on SAP Commerce Cloud, the Mayer Group creates a new digital shopping experience for their customers.

With their relaunch of the webshop (to the webshop) based on SAP CX Commerce Cloud, the Mayer Group creates a new digital shopping experience for their customers. In March 2021, the project was completed with a successful go-live.

Mayer Group relies on consistency in consolidated SAP system landscape

The Mayer Group operates in Germany and is comprised of multiple sales companies. These include mayer-network GmbH, mayer-network – print services GmbH & Co. KG, mayer-network – direct marketing GmbH, Torgau-Kuvert GmbH & Co. KG and bestpac GmbH.

The idea was to create a central purchasing platform for all customers of the Mayer Group in Germany, based on the existing “mayer-network Online Shop”. Customer orders from the B2B store should be automatically assigned to the respective sales organization in SAP.

As a result, the front end of the store also had to be fundamentally adapted to the new orientation.

By moving to a 3-tier system landscape and migrating to the new version of the SAP Commerce Cloud, the performance of the store and the system integration with SAP were significantly improved. And adjustments to the front end are now easier to make due to new functions such as Smart Edit.

‚ÄúThe new online store has successfully gone live and has been well accepted by existing and new customers. In the near future, we would like to further expand the functionality of the store, e.g. by mapping new order types, for the customers of the Mayer Group.‚ÄĚ

Aicomp supports the implementation

Since 2012, Aicomp has been supporting the Mayer Group in implementing business processes beyond the system boundaries of SAP S/4HANA, SAP CX Commerce Cloud and SAP CX Sales Cloud.

The project for the relaunch began with the step-by-step release change of SAP CX Commerce Cloud from version, through 6.5, 6.6, 6.7, 1808, 1811, and currently to version 1905.

This was followed by a release upgrade of the SAP CX Commerce Cloud Data Hub.

The release upgrade resulted in significant benefits. These included the closure of existing security gaps, performance optimizations in various areas, the improvement of multi-client capability, and improvements for the back office.

Connected with the changeover to the central web store for all companies of the Mayer Group was a new front-end design of the SAP CX Commerce Cloud, the dynamic mapping of the sales organization from the web store to associated sales orders in SAP S/4HANA, and the preservation of the already implemented Web2Print functionality, which enables online variant configuration in the web store.

The webshop was implemented in cooperation with the partner team neusta.

An outlook on further potentials

In addition to further adjustments and improvements to the front-end design, potential is seen in profound personalization options for the known and unknown visitor, which will gain in importance in the future. This makes it possible to tailor content and offers individually to user behavior.

In order to exploit the full potential of the C/4HANA suite, the possibilities of integration between SAP Commerce and SAP Marketing Cloud are also being intensely analyzed.

Integration opens up additional opportunities to improve the overall customer experience.

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