SAP SuccessFactors

Today, SuccessFactors is being used by over 60 industries, with 40 million users in 177 countries.
Functioning as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), SuccessFactors supports the transformation of business strategies with measurable results, simplifies HR (human resources) processes, increases transparency, as well as employee motivation.


SAP SuccessFactors is the HR Cloud solution from SAP.
With its acquisition of SuccessFactors in 2011, SAP took the first step to becoming the leading global provider for Cloud business applications.
Today, SuccessFactors is being used by over 60 industries, with 40 million users in 177 countries.
Functioning as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), SuccessFactors supports the transformation of business strategies with measurable results, simplifies HR (human resources) processes, increases transparency, as well as employee motivation.

The SuccessFactors suite consists of modules covering fields such as:
- HR main processes
- Talent management
- Analysis
- Social collaboration

All modules come fully integrated based on a pre-set standard, but can easily be implemented as standalone features:

Infographik Cloud-Solutions

The advantages of using HR solutions in the Cloud:

  • The implementation time in comparison to on-premise solutions is markedly shorter
  • Implementation and operations costs compared to on-premise solutions are significantly reduced
  • Benefit from updates throughout the year, without having to utilize internal IT resources
  • The ability of the modules and implementation sequences to be oriented to your business and strategy, while being adaptable for later expansions
  • Employees, management, and HR are offered mobile access and use, with high flexibility
  • Learn from the organizational “Best-Practice Approaches,” as well as from the experience of countless other customers
  • Choose from several standard integration scenarios, constructing an easily maintained solution landscape and infrastructure

Solution Areas


1. HR Main Processes

HR solutions must be flexible and expandable, meeting local and global regulations.

Employee Central is the main HR solution in SuccessFactors.
As a global data system, SuccessFactors supports HR transactions and processes across different locations, implemented via a standard approach, however it is also highly customizable for individual customer needs.
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With the Employee Central Payroll feature, there is a fully integrated option within Employee Central for Cloud-based payroll accounting, available in 22 countries.
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2. Talent Management

SAP SuccessFactors offers solutions from recruiting, to promotion, to retirement with comprehensive content, such as competency and target libraries, plus job descriptions, helping make your HR processes transparent and orienting your business strategy.
With the Recruiting Management feature, you become capable of managing position requests, descriptions, and applicants through the Cloud, independent of your location. Submit offers and connect external providers, agencies, assessment providers, and job platforms with your processes. Create the foundation for active recruiting within talent pools.
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With SuccessFactors Recruiting Marketing you can identify your most effective recruiting channels and build connections with candidates, who have perhaps not yet applied for a position. Drive campaigns and use the networks of your employees with referral management programs.
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Before an employee has actually started working with your company, you can simplify the access, information, and processes for new hires, using SuccessFactors Onboarding. Training plans and oversight through Onboarding are transparent and available for mobile use.
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With SuccessFactors Performance and Goal Management, you can develop transparent and measurable company goals. The tools for goal tracking and regular status reports can be used throughout the year, making success measurable and enabling acknowledgement.
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With modern performance evaluation methods, you can increase employee motivation. The Performance Management features allow employees, superiors, and HR to assess competencies fairly, promoting 360 degree feedback for performance motivation. Various tools can be calibrated to heighten objectivity and identification, together with the performance results.
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SuccessFactors Compensation gives you a current overview of the salary and bonus budgets of your teams/employees, as well as of compliance stipulations. Using an intuitive interface, you can administer the varying wage components, keeping salary ranges in view. All compensation data is centrally secured in the Cloud and can be transmitted through Employee Central to a payroll system.
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Potential internal successors to key positions within your company, can be discovered using the Succession and Development feature. Here you can uncover the on-going development needs of your employees, whose personal profiles can be compared against the position(s) they currently hold and the one they aspire to reach. Internal career development is also driven through Succession and Development, and offers a career plan, contributing to making your company an attractive employer in the long-term. You can access further information here, at SuccessFactors.



No company can operate without employees who are always on the path to increasing their knowledge. SuccessFactors Learning supports administering learning content and tracking employee results. This feature may also further recommend, when continuing education degrees, as well as colleague trainings are necessary.


Learning Management System

With the SuccessFactors Learning Management System, you can administer internal and external trainings, presentations, and develop tests, all of which have related learning goals. Instruct learning content in an individual or group setting, using standard formats, such as SCORM and AICC. You can access further information here, at SuccessFactors.


Social Learning

Connect SuccessFactors Learning with SuccessFactors Jam, and you’ll give your employees the opportunity to interact with one another regarding courses, and enable them to share content. Setup learning groups and optimize learning success. You can access further information here, at SuccessFactors.



Save your learning content within the Cloud as Content-as-a-Service (CaaS) and trust the proven solutions from SuccessFactors. Your administrators will manage the learning content through an intuitive interface. You can access further information here, at SuccessFactors.


3. Analysis



The success of a company rests on correct reporting. SuccessFactors HR-Analysis offers you a basis with which to analyze important factors, and preemptively counteract any difficulties.


Workforce Analytics

SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics Offers you an extensive library of over 2,000 metrics, benchmarks, and best practices for evaluating and orienting. Compare your actual employee data with your strategic plan and determine with certainty, which HR changes are necessary for reaching your goals. Benefit from 30 years of experience and proven employee statistics. You can access further information here, at SuccessFactors.


Workforce Planning

Strategic personnel decision makers are reliant on “what if” scenarios, in order to determine which profiles are going to be needed, and which qualifications the employee base actually brings. SuccessFactors Workforce Planning is a tool with which to you can make provisions for demographic change. Optimize your employee development, performance reviews, education, and personnel planning. You can access further information here, at SuccessFactors.


4. Social Collaboration


Social Collaboration – SAP Jam

With SuccessFactors Jam you can obtain a platform for your internal company network. It can also be connected with external (customer or partner) networks, in order to share information. Within Jam, groups can be setup for quickly sharing documents and videos, as well as common interests. This can also be constructed for limited access, for example, so that only the HR department has access. Colleagues can connect and build an internal network. You can also use SuccessFactors Jam for your sales team, in order to build a professional social network with customers: inform them about new products and provide them with information regarding customer service. You can access further information here, at Success Factors.


Integration Scenarios

If you don’t currently utilize Cloud solutions, but are looking to make the transition, we provide you with a short overview of the options below.

With SuccessFactors you can benefit from 10-years of Cloud experience and 40-years of on-premise experience. There are varying scenarios for meeting certain requirements:

  • Hybrid Solution: Maintain your primary HR system on-premise and expand it through SuccessFactors Talent Management.
  • Complete Cloud-Solution: Utilize the entire SuccessFactors portfolio, in order to map all of your HR processes, using Employee Central and Talent Management.
  • Side-by-Side: Your company’s main office utilizes SAP HR products in the Hybrid Solution, while your local branches operate with the complete Cloud-Solution.

Integrate SuccessFactors Employee Central/Employee Central Payroll with SAP ERP, in order to supply your SAP Financials with the information out of Employee Central, and likewise to adopt the cost-center logic of SAP Financials. As an example, Employee Central supports transmission into SAP CATS or Travel Management. Your local branches maintain organization management within Employee Central, which is then transferred into the SAP HCM at your main office.

SuccessFactors Rapid Deployment Solution

Utilize the Best Practice approach for SuccessFactors products with the Rapid Deployment Solution. Pre-configured modules ease and accelerate your transition into the Cloud. You can count on the experience of the already numerously completed implementations. This approach is available for Recruiting, Learning, Employee Central, and Performance and Goals. Within the application, you receive proven workflows and formulas, which can be personalized from the standard, in order to meet your requirements.

The SuccessFactors Rapid Deployment Solution also supports you in the integration of SuccessFactors with your SAP ERP system. Standardized process run over the SAP HANA Cloud integration or SAP Process orchestration.