Our services

Founded in 2000, the aicomp | group is the implementation partner for the Quote-to-Cash solutions. aicomp's special focus is on product configuration – on premise or in the cloud.
With more than 90 dedicated consultants and developers and offices in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and USA the aicomp | group provides global coverage of individual solutions and consulting services.
Over the past two decades, aicomp has built a vast knowledge base of SAP®-specific quote-to-cash. As SAP partner aicomp provides reliable and diversified business solutions, on premise and in the cloud.

Our services:

IT-related services Industry-related services

IT-related services

Product Configuration:

The aicomp | group provides best in class knowledge and a best practice expertise in the area of the SAP® ERP Variant Configuration.
We are a one stop shop: in combination with our SAP based software platform VCPowerPack™ we help you to configure your visions.



Seasoned SAP senior consultants offer their SAP® ERP expertise in the successful realization of the customer’s requirements as well as implementation and acceptance of the new technology. As one of the early adapters of the ground-breaking SAP HANA platform, the aicomp | group is ready to implement SAP’s newest functionalities, incl. S/4 and HCI.


SAP Cloud® consulting:

As one of the first SAP Business ByDesign clients aicomp possesses a comprehensive knowledge about SAP’s Cloud offerings. With SuccessFactors, Ariba, Concur and especially C4C our solutions advisors are “cloud born” – means they will configure the latest and greatest SAP Cloud app for you and your business, based on your specific needs and requirements.



High-quality training for internal consultants, key and end users.



System maintenance and business enhancements for live production environments.


Industry-related services

The aicomp | group has detailed expertise and process knowledge in manufacturing, especially in the industry areas of paper, packaging, media/ printing, flexibles and flooring.
We help our clients to streamline the flow of information and ensures high-quality services with cost-optimized processes.
We help you move your products through the supply chain, from pre-sales to billing, with seamless efficiency.



Achieve accurate costing and competitive pricing with detailed configuration

With our solution portfolio you dynamically configure your final product specifications in the pre-sales process using a manual configuration and/or a CAD interface. The configured products are captured in the sales quotation detailing the customer’s specifications and requirements. The result is an accurate cost estimate and competitive pricing for your customers. When the customer is ready to make a purchase, the sales order can be created by referencing the quotation and the relevant customer/product information input during the production order process.



Optimize processes through total production integration

Our solutions support total production integration. All your customer requirements are conducted through a cost-efficient and optimized process to reach your final product. Our solutions offer production optimizations such as dynamic routing. Based on product and machine characteristics, the system will determine the optimal production routing and provide possible alternatives. Based on our flexible bill of material (BOM), the system automatically selects the required materials and components needed to manufacture the product.



Control freight costs with effective trailer utilization

When costing and pricing, freight is an important factor. Calculating and optimizing these costs during the sales quotation process can assist with price control. With our solutions, shipping information is based on the calculations obtained from product properties and shipping materials specifications. This determines the best configuration for the handling units and precise freight estimation.



Analyze estimated and actual cost data to identify variances, reconcile issues, and increase profitability

Track your costs at every step, from the first prototype to the monthly closing balance report, enabling optimized sales offers and an accurate profit analysis. An accurate cost and profitability analysis identifies inefficiencies within your processes and resolve the variances between estimated and actual costs, which leads to improving your profit margin; resulting in a faster ROI.